Thursday, November 9, 2017

A $9,000 ball of yarn!! Really???

Yes, indeed! You can own a ball of yarn from Tiffany & Company for $9,000. This yarn has a limited edition number of 5 and is being sold at Tiffany & Company's New York flagship store and other select stores. Each ball of yarn is made from handspun strands of textured sterling silver.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Kristin Omdahl's Advice on Selling Your Crochet & Knit Items!

I really enjoyed the above short videos presented by Kristin Omdahl about selling your handmade crochet and knit items. I think she gives some sound advice on the pros and cons of doing so. Enjoy!!

Marly Bird's YouTube Video on How to Knit a One Skein Simple Lace Triangle Shawl!

Recently, I have watched quite a few of Marly Bird's fantastic, instructional knitting videos on YouTube.

One of the instructional videos that recently caught my attention was the one on how to knit a simple triangle lace shawl using Red Heart's Super Saver Ombre yarn, which creates a lovely tonal look to the shawl.

I haven't made many shawls and this shawl looks like a beautiful one to make. 

Check out Marly Bird's fabulous video tutorial by clicking on the link above.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Marly Bird's Video on How to Knit a Fantastic Ripple Scarf!

I've been watching so many wonderful YouTube instructional knitting videos recently that I am inspired to purchase more yarn for my already GINORMOUS yarn stash and try some new knitting patterns!

I have discovered Marly Bird's YouTube Channel and love her videos!! The videos are really well done. I love Marly Bird's positive, bubbly attitude and teaching style. Marly Bird makes learning knitting easy and fun.

In the above video tutorial, Marly Bird teaches viewers how to knit the Fantastic Ripple Scarf, which is a free knitting pattern found on Red Heart's website. This is a lace knitting pattern using self striping yarn. Watch the above video to learn more about making the fantastic ripple scarf.

I look forward to making this beautiful scarf in the future along with so many other patterns.