Saturday, September 23, 2017

Five Reasons Every Child Should Learn How To Knit

I actually came across an article online earlier today that initially prompted me to write today's post. The article is titled, Five Reasons Every Child Should Learn How To Knit by Beth Searle. Beth Searle's article is well written and she points out great reasons why every child should learn how to knit. Click on the link above to read Beth Searle's article.

I wish I'd first learned how to knit when I was a child because I really wanted to learn how to knit as a child/tween. But no one in my family knew how to knit... Nor did any close family friends know how to knit that I know of back then either. 

We also didn't live near any yarn stores when I was a child/teenager. Additionally, the internet didn't exist back then either, so accessing YouTube for knitting tutorial videos just wasn't an option. So, I never learned to knit as a child.

When I left for college after high school, the idea of learning to knit fell by the wayside with my college studies and other activities. It wasn't until I turned 44 years old that I actually took up learning to knit. In 2014, I'd made a New Year's Resolution to learn a new hobby that year and that hobby was learning to knit.

I am so happy that I finally began knitting 3 years and a half years ago!! I love knitting and I am still learning so many things. Who knew I'd love knitting this much??

When did you learn to knit or crochet? Who taught you to knit or crochet?

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Lol, 11 Ways Knitting Is Actually Drugs!

I recently came across a funny article on Buzzfeed titled, 11 Ways Knitting Is Actually Drugs by Loryn Brantz. 

I enjoyed reading the article and found it humorous. 

Have a great day and happy knitting!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

July/August 2017 Yarn Haul

I returned a lot of the yarn I've purchased the past two months and exchanged it for other yarn to use on specific projects.

This month I came away with the following skeins of yarn:

7 skeins of Patons Grace in Azure.
1 Skein of Lion Brand Pound of Love in Oxford Grey.
1 Skein of Lion Brand Pound of Love in Denim.
8 Skeins of Big Twist Natural Blend in a pretty blue colorway. No specific name was given on the package. So if I want to reorder it again, I'll have to make my best guess.
1 Skein of Malabrigo Rasta Yarn.
2 Skeins of Craft Smart Yarn in Turquoise.

3 pairs of 16-inch circular knitting needles in US Sizes 6, 7, & 8  

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

What Have You Been Knitting or Crocheting Lately?

I've recently begun knitting a double seed stitch cowl using a super bulky yarn called Big Twist Natural Blend Yarn. This yarn is comprised of 80% acrylic and 20% wool. This is the first time I've used Big Twist Natural Blend Yarn. Unfortunately, the colorway for this yarn is not stated on the outside of the packaging for this product, which is a bummer!

Anyway, I made this same exact cowl last year and it turned out lovely...  I used a different brand of yarn in a different colorway. 

The pattern I used for this cowl is from Lion Brand and it is an easy knit pattern. It's called Cabildo Cowl (Pattern# 90620AD) and it's FREE from Lion Brand.

Check the following link to see how the Cabildo Cowl I made last year turned out.