Sunday, July 5, 2015

Learn The Knitting Basics

Welcome to the wonderful world of knitting!!

Before I get started with today's post, I have a confession to make... I love to watch YouTube videos for learning new things... Like learning the knitting basics and how to knit various knitting stitches.

When I was first learning to knit, I found the following beginning knitting video below from Chandi at Expression Fiber Arts to be EXTREMELY HELPFUL!! Chandi makes learning how to knit easy and so much fun. She gives viewers a lot of tips, like how to hold one's knitting needles and yarn while knitting and so on. 

In the video below, Chandi shows you how to make a slip knot, cast on to your knitting needles using the long tail method, knit using the knit stitch, and how to finish a project by binding off your knitting needles. This is a very basic video on how to knit if you've never knitted before. 

Enjoy watching the video and happy knitting!!

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