Sunday, July 19, 2015

How To Hold Your Knitting Yarn

As a new knitter, one of the things I struggled with the most was how to hold the yarn while I was knitting. No matter how I seemed to hold the knitting needles and yarn, holding the yarn always felt awkward and I'd end up with either a hand, finger, wrist, and/or arm soreness after knitting for a while. 

So figuring out how to wrap the yarn around the knitting needles in an efficient and ergonomic fashion became a huge priority for me in being able to move forward with my new hobby of knitting.

I'm still playing around with which way to hold the yarn while knitting works best for me. But I have found that holding the yarn the way Cheryl Brunette shows in the above video to make knitting easier for me. Ms. Brunette also shows how to hold yarn for crocheters too.

Until my next post, happy knitting!!

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