Saturday, July 4, 2015

I'm A Knitting Newbie!!

Welcome to my new blog!! It's all about knitting. I'll be documenting my knitting journey with you... I'll be discussing everything from the knitting projects I'm working on, the knitting projects I've completed, knitting classes I'm taking, knitting techniques I've learned, knitting videos and various knitting websites I like and so on.

Last year, I decided that I wanted to take up a new hobby. Knitting has always appealed to me. I have wanted to learn how to knit off and on for several years now.

In April 2014, I decided to make learning to knit a reality! I initially discovered that a local knitting and quilting store in Carpinteria, California (where I lived at the time) offered free classes for knitters. Classes were held on two or three different days of the week. I decided to attend the knitting class on Thursday mornings from 10am to Noon. The cool part (aside from attending a free knitting class down the street from my home), was having a fabulous knitting instructor and a wonderful group of women knitters to interact with during the two hours of time I spent in the class learning to knit. Sadly though, my hubby and I moved to Northern California about 6 weeks later in May 2014, and was sad to have had to stop attending this knitting class as it was a blast to attend. I ended up taking a four month hiatus from knitting as moving is a big task to undergo.

Here Are The Knit Cuffs I made!! This Was My First Knitting Project I Ever Made!!

For my first knitting project, I didn't want to make a scarf or something too difficult for the first time knitter. So, I chose to make knit cuffs using a Lion Brand knitting pattern, which was perfect for the beginner like myself! I've made four pairs of these knit cuffs. I kept one pair for myself and gave the others away as gifts. I have seen my knitting skills improve improve upon completing each pair.

What did I like about this pattern? 

* You only need one skein of Lion Brand's Wool-Ease® Thick & Quick® yarn in the color of your choice to complete one pair of knit cuffs. 

* As a new knitter, I also loved working with a thicker yarn and a thicker pair of knitting needles. Both of these things made learning to knit, for me, a whole lot easier than had I chosen a knitting project that used thinner yarn and a thinner pair of knitting needles.

* Knitting up these knit cuffs made for a quick project that was easy to make and looks very cute when finished!

* Also, the knit cuffs only requires the new knitter to learn and use the knit stitch (verses more than one type of stitch), which is awesome as well.

* For a minimal investment of a skein of yarn, a pair of knitting needles and large eye blunt needle, you can make these knit cuffs.

Tip for the newbie knitter: I recommend using wood knitting needles verses using metal or plastic knitting needles, while first learning to knit. I found that using wood knitting needles have made life easier for me while working on my knitting projects. Sure, wood knitting needles are a tad more expensive, but they are worth the price. I love the quality of wood knitting needles as well. I've been using the Clover brand wood knitting needles and I love this brand! Also, the yarn doesn't slip off wood needles so easily while using them.

You can download the Lion Brand knit cuff pattern for FREE from their website as a pdf file. Just do a search for beginning knit cuffs on the Lion Brand website. As a side note, the Lion Brand website has a lot of free knitting (and crochet) patterns to download for all skill levels.

I hope this post inspires you to become a knitter too. Happy Knitting!!

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