Thursday, July 16, 2015

Make A Knit Headband --- Beginning Level Pattern!

I enjoy discovering new beginning knit patterns for me to knit my own wonderful handmade items for myself and to give as gifts to others. 

About two weeks ago, I discovered a wonderful video for beginning knitters on YouTube from Chandi at Expression Fiber Arts on how to knit a headband!! 

After watching the above video, I couldn't wait to make this simple knitted headband for myself as it looks, not only like an easy item to make, but cute, comfortable to wear, and fashionable as well. 

So, after I purchased a pair of wood Clover Brand knitting needles in size 9 and a skein of worsted weight yarn, I began making the above knit headband. I used the Loops & Threads Bobby Jean yarn in navy, which is a variegated yarn in navy blue tones. 

I thought making this knit headband was easy and fun to make. I like the overall look of my headband once I finished making it... However, it's a tad large in length. I'm not sure if this is due to the stretchy yarn I used or not.

If I use the same yarn next time I decide to make this headband, I think I'll make the headband a half inch to a full inch shorter in length and see if I have a better fit... Otherwise, I think the headband I've made this time around feels fairly loose and may stretch out as time goes by.

Attached below is a picture of the headband I made using the video from Expression Fiber Arts. Thank you Chandi for making this video for beginning knitters like myself.

Until my next post, happy knitting!!

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