Monday, July 20, 2015

Where Do You Buy Yarn?

I'm curious about your yarn buying habits! Where do you buy the yarn you use for your knitting and crochet projects?

I primarily buy yarn at chain stores like Michaels Stores or JoAnn Fabric & Craft Stores. I've also occasionally purchased yarn directly from Lion Brand Yarn's website. I rarely purchase yarn from independent yarn stores... In fact, I think I've purchased yarn only once from an independent yarn store. I like supporting small businesses, but tend to notice that indie yarn stores tend to have more expensive yarns than chain stores.

I tend to tyically purchase skeins of yarn that are $9.99 or less each as I'm on a budget... By the way, Gotta love the store coupons from both JoAnns and Micheals. 

Also, because I am a new knitter, I don't want to buy expensive skeins of yarn until I know how to knit really well and am able to make more advanced projects. So, I avoid buying expensive yarns for these reasons I've mentioned.

Tell me more about your yarn buying habits!

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