Saturday, August 8, 2015

Knitting For Beginners by Diane Ellis (Book Review)

Once again, I discovered another free knitting ebook geared for beginners to download to my Kindle from Amazon!! I read Knitting For Beginners by Diane Ellis in less than 2 hours. This ebook is approximately 44 pages in length. Below is my unbiased review of this book.

I enjoyed reading this book about knitting. It covered some of the same topics I've read before like the history of knitting, healthy benefits of knitting, basic supplies, and easy to do knitting patterns. 

I think the best tip I learned from reading Knitting For Beginners, is to keep a knitting journal. Keeping a knitting journal is something that hasn't been mentioned in other books that I've read so far (or at least that I can recall anyway). The knitting journal makes a great reference guide for you as you can keep notes, like the name of the project you made, where you obtained the pattern for the project you made, information about the yarn and needles you used, a place to write down any problems you encountered while making the project, add any information you learned that could help you when doing the project again, adding pictures of what you made, and so on... Basically, any information about the knitting project (good or bad) that will help you or someone else in the future.

The actual knitting patterns provided in Knitting For Beginners by Diane Ellis weren't many, but the few offered were varied enough for the beginning knitter to make this ebook worth having.

I am giving Knitting For Beginners by Diane Ellis a rating of 3.5 stars out of 5 stars.

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