Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Stress Relief Gloves

Has anyone used Stress Relief Gloves for knitting or crocheting?? If so, which brand of Stress Relief Gloves did you use and did you finding using them during your crafting project to be helpful in reducing stress, pain, and/or fatigue?

I recently purchased a pair of Lion Brand Stress Relief Gloves to use while I am knitting as I have found that my right hand, as well as my fingers on my right hand and right forearm become a bit sore/achy after knitting. 

I do make sure to take frequent breaks while knitting and do not knit for long periods of time. I also try and be as ergonomic as possible while knitting to reduce stress and alleviate muscle fatigue.

The Lion Brand Stress Relief Gloves come in three different sizes --- Small, Medium and Large. The following is a product description of the Lion Brand Stress Relief Gloves from the Lion Brand website:
These gloves alleviate pain without restricting your movement. They are lightweight and fingerless with the comfort of support to the vital areas of the hand and wrist. Made of a tightly woven spandex/nylon fabric, they help keep your hands warm, enhancing blood-flow and massaging muscles. Measure across your palm to determine size. Small is 2 1/2'-3' Medium is 3'-3 1/2' Large is 3 1/2'-4'.
I look forward to using the Stress Relief Gloves from Lion Brand and am hoping that they will help alleviate the soreness/achy feeling I have experienced from knitting.

Until my next post, happy knitting!!

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