Thursday, October 22, 2015

Vaginal Knitting As Performance Art?!

While surfing the internet, I never thought I'd accidentally come across an article on the Huffington Post titled How to Break the Internet With a Vagina and a Ball of Wool by Vanessa de Largie. 

Seriously, I was ONLY looking for knitting ideas, when I stumbled across Vanessa de Largie's above mentioned article!! I was surprised and intrigued by the article's title to say the least. I wanted to know what the heck Vanessa de Largie meant by her article's title... So, I went ahead and read the article. In the article, Ms. de Largie writes:
I'm a woman.
I'm a feminist.
I'm an artist.
It's these three things that drew me to controversial performance-artist and craftivist, Casey Jenkins. You see, Casey knits with her vagina. Say what? You heard correctly, she knits with her vagina.
In the space of a fortnight, over 3.5 million people watched a YouTube clip titled Vaginal Knitting, shot by SBS2. The clip offers an overview of Jenkins' work, documenting her 28-day performance piece Casting off My Womb, where Jenkins' uses skeins of wool, lodged in her vagina to knit a long passage, marking one full menstrual cycle. Obviously this kind of art pulls people one of two ways -- you either hate it or you love it. For me it was the latter.
Vanessa de Largie goes on to interview Casey Jenkins in her article about about her performance art titled 'Casting Off My Womb'. So, click on the above link to read the full article.

Below is a video from Feed of performance artist and craftivist, Casey Jenkins talking about her performance art called 'Casting Off My Womb'.

WARNING: The following video may not be appropriate for some audiences. Some nudity.

I'm not entirely sure what to make of this whole 'vaginal knitting' idea as performance art. I understand where Casey Jenkins is coming from and support the idea behind her performance art. I can only add that I'll never look a knitting and performance art the same way again.

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