Monday, November 16, 2015

Alameda Yarn Company

Now that I am becoming a more experienced knitter (not to mention that knitting has swiftly become a hobby I can't imagine living without doing on a regular basis), I find myself expanding my horizons by visiting independent yarn stores for my yarn these days verses exclusively shopping at large chain craft stores like Michaels or Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores.

Last Thursday evening, I had the lovely opportunity of visiting an independent yarn store in Alameda, California called Alameda Yarn Company. I was pleased to discover that Alameda Yarn Company stays open until 9pm on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, which is fabulous as most of the independent yarn stores I've come across seem to close around 5pm or 6pm most evenings.

Upon entering the Alameda Yarn Company, I saw a group of women sitting around a large table knitting and talking. They looked like they were having a fabulous time working on their knitting projects and talking among themselves. A couple of the women even greeted me with a smile and said 'hello' in a friendly greeting... It made me feel welcome into this yarn store.

As far as a knitting store goes, I feel that the Alameda Yarn Company is a small, quaint yarn store with a wonderful selection of yarns in nice colors at decent prices. The staff on hand during my visit were friendly letting me know they were available should I have any questions and letting me browse their store front at my leisure. 

I didn't buy any yarn during my visit the Alameda Yarn Company as I already have plenty of yarn at the moment to make quite a few projects. I do look forward to making another visit to the Alameda Yarn Company in the future.

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