Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Do You Keep A Knitting Journal?

I started keeping a knitting journal late in the year and am using a simple composition book to record the knitting projects I make.

Basically, I record the name of the knitting pattern and where I found the pattern. I record the brand of yarn and color I used. Plus, where I purchased the yarn I used. I keep track of the size knitting needles used for the project. I also keep track of things I liked and/or didn't like about making a particular project or problems I may have encountered while making the project all for future reference should I make the project again.

I do take pictures now of most of the items I finish knitting. I post the pictures of the items here on my blog to refer to in the future so that I have a visual record of what I make. This is all in an effort to keep track of my knitting projects.

Do you keep a journal to record your crafting projects?? If so, what pieces of information do you record in your crafting journal?

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