Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Make a Knit Necklace For a Fashionable Accessory!

Necklace in the Blue Jay colorway
While surfing the Lion Brand website for free knitting patterns to download, I came across a pattern to make a knitted necklace using Lion Brand Pattern Number L10111. Visit the Lion Brand website by clicking on the link above and enter the pattern number above to find and download the pattern for FREE if you'd like to knit your very own necklace! This pattern is for the beginning knitter. So go ahead and have fun making your own unique piece of jewelry!

To make this beautiful necklace, you'll need one skein of Martha Stewart Crafts Mambo Yarn in any color you desire. I discovered that Lion Brand is offering a deep discount/clearance prices on three pack skeins of Martha Stewart Crafts Mambo Yarn. Click on the yarn link above to learn more. I used Lion Brand's plastic size 19 knitting needles called for in this project. I found the knitting needles to be light weight, which was a good thing as I was concerned that they would be fairly heavy as they are larger knitting needles than I'm use to working with normally.

Overall, I'm really happy with how the completed necklace turned out. It's really cute, fun, and fashionable! So far I've made three necklaces. I've found that the size 19 knitting needles were a bit awkward to use at first because they are so large... I'm hoping that they become easier to use over time. I was also a bit confused on how to knit the pattern at first. But now, I have handle on the situation and think it'll be easier to knit up the rest of the necklaces in no time.

Necklace in the Purple Caterpillar color
I purchased a total of 19 skeins of the Martha Stewart Crafts Mambo Yarn to make 19 different necklaces in different colors. I plan to keep a couple of the necklaces for myself to wear and give out the remaining necklaces I make as Christmas gifts this year.

As far as the yarn goes, the Martha Stewart Crafts Mambo Yarn is a super bulky, roving yarn that comes in limited colorways. I wish this yarn was offered in more color choices.

I think that the Martha Stewart Crafts Mambo Yarn is fairly expensive for the price of $5.49 for 5 yards of yarn. So, I am grateful that I was able to purchase my skeins of Martha Stewart Crafts Mambo Yarn through Lion Brand's clearance yarn section on their website. I was able to buy 3 skeins of it for $4.12. I was also able to buy a few skeins of the Martha Stewart Crafts Mambo Yarn at Tuesday Morning on clearance as well.

So what do you think about making a knitted necklace? Is this something you would make for yourself or someone else?

Until my next post, happy knitting!!

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