Monday, December 21, 2015

The Importance of Knitting a Gauge Swatch

I have learned my lesson big time when I decided to skip knitting a gauge swatch for four knitting projects I recently completed.

I never knitted a gauge swatch for scarves or other items I've made in the past... And for the most part, the items turned out fine. That is until now!!

I knitted four hats to give to family members this year for Christmas and the circumference for each hat is too wide by two to three inches... Whoops, my bad! 

That's when I finally realized the importance of making a gauge swatch before starting any knitting project. The last thing I want to happen again in the future is to knit something and have it turn out too small or too large and be unable to use the item I just finished making. 

By not having an item turn out to be the appropriate size, I've also wasted my time and money on yarn to make a project that doesn't fit.

Watch the following YouTube video on titled 'Understanding Knitting Gauge with Debbie Stoller' to learn more about knitting a gauge swatch.

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