Saturday, January 30, 2016

Unexpected Benefits of Knitting

I love knitting!! You don't have to convince me of the many benefits of knitting as I've most certainly benefited from learning to knit in more than one way... But, just in case you need any convincing of the benefits (and joys) of knitting, check out the following 6 Unexpected Benefits of Knitting by Katheryn Harper.

I've also posted other articles here on my blog about the benefits of knitting last year: The Health Benefits of Knitting! and 10 Important Health Benefits of Yarncrafting!

Purlescence Yarns

This past Friday afternoon, I visited Purlescence Yarns, which is a yarn store, in Mountain View, California. While I was there, I took a look at their knitting supplies.

I was warmly greeted by one of the owners of Purlescence Yarns, Sandi, who made me feel very welcomed upon entering their retail store! I had also mentioned to Sandi that I had my latest knitting project with me. She had invited me to bring it in and knit in the store in an area already set up for customers to knit at while visiting the store. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to stay long enough to do any knitting while I was at Purlescence Yarns.

I did however have an enjoyable visit while at Purlescence Yarns. They carry various yarn brands in many different colorways and weights of yarn in stock for purchase. There was also a nice supply of knitting needles, crochet needles and other notions as well as a nice selection of books for purchase as well. 

Purlescence Yarns also offers classes. One of the things that caught my attention while shopping at Purlescence Yarns is that they sell spinning wheels and looms!! Sarah, who works at Purlescence, gave me a quick demonstration as to how a spinning wheel works. Not many yarn stores I've been too have spinning wheels and looms for sale or even offer classes on how to do wheel spinning or how to use a loom. How cool is that!!

Have you visited any yarn stores or taken any knitting or crocheting classes lately?

Yarn Haul For January 2016!!

Okay, one of my new year's resolutions this year is use most of my current yarn stash (or at least greatly shrink it) before I purchase more yarn for future knitting projects. Well this resolution has fallen by the wayside BIG TIME as I've purchased 25 skeins of yarn this month!!

I purchased the following skeins this month:

9  Skeins of Powdery™ Fashion Yarn By Loops & Threads® in Blue from Michaels for a cardigan and scarf pattern I'm currently making.
9  Skeins of Powdery™ Fashion Yarn By Loops & Threads® in Turquoise from Michaels for a cardigan and scarf pattern I'll make in the future.
4 Skeins of Loops & Threads® Cozy Wool™ Yarn in Velvet from Michaels to finish making various projects.
1 Skein of Loops & Threads® Chunky™ Yarn in Seaside from Michaels for an arm knitted cowl.
1 Skein of Lion Brand® Wool-Ease® Thick & Quick® Yarn in Blackstone to complete another project.
1 Skein of Misti Alpaca Chunky Hand Painted from an independent local knitting store for a cowl. I forget the name of the color I chose!

Small sampling of the skeins of yarn I purchased this month.

I've also purchased 3 pairs of circular knitting needles for knitting projects I am working on currently.

So, which skeins of yarn have you recently added to your stash this month? What are you planning to make with the yarn you've added to your collection?

Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Joys of Knitting Handmade Gifts!

I love knitting!! I have become quite addicted to my new hobby hobby such that I frequently find myself knitting various things. I've actually completed making six projects this month alone and January isn't even over with yet.

I recently completed making two arm knitted infinity scarves and two sets of knit cuffs using Loops & Threads Cozy Wool Yarn in the Velvet color from Michaels for both projects. 

I used Lion Brand beginning knit pattern 90239B to make the knit cuffs. This is an easy pattern to knit using the garter stitch. The knit cuffs can easily be made in a few hours... Give the knit cuffs as gifts or make and keep a few pairs for yourself. Since I've begun knitting, I've knitted eight pairs of knit cuffs using the above mentioned Lion Brand pattern.

To make the arm knitted infinity scarves I made, watch the following video produced by Michaels on YouTube:

I've made roughly five arm knitted infinity scarves using the above pattern provided by Michaels. Arm knitting is a quick and fabulous way of making a scarf in a short amount of time.

I also liked using the Loops & Threads Cozy Wool Yarn. Loops & Threads Cozy Wool Yarn is a super bulky year. It also feels soft to the touch and it comes in a variety of nice colors.

Anyway, my grandma's birthday is coming up on January 25th, so I sent her one of the infinity scarves I made as well as a pair of the knit cuffs for her birthday.

The other infinity scarf and pair of knit cuffs is going to my cousin, who loves the color purple!

Until my next post, happy knitting!!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Stitches West 2016 ~~ Knitting Convention in Santa Clara, CA

Woot, woot!! I'm so excited!! I recently learned about a knitting convention called STITCHES West 2016 a couple of nights ago in my knitting class from our knitting instructor. 

STITCHES West 2016 is taking place in Santa Clara, California at the Santa Clara Convention Center Hyatt Regency Hotel from February 18th through February 21st.

Lots of classes, special events, and even a market place will be happening during this four day event!

Click on the above link to check out all the fun stuff happening at STITCHES West 2016!!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Knit This, Purl That ~~ Knitting Store in Pleasanton, California

Visiting independent yarn stores has become my 'fun thing' to do when I am not busy knitting, taking a knitting class, blogging, or living life my everyday life!!

Earlier today, I visited an independent knitting store in downtown Pleasanton, California called Knit This, Purl That. It's a quaint knitting store that offers a wonderful selection of yarns, knitting and crocheting classes and other fun knitting and crocheting events. They also have Monday Night Knit Club from 7 - 9pm... It's free!! So, bring along your latest knitting project and enjoy knitting with others.

I purchased a skein of Misti Alpaca Chunky Hand Painted Yarn during my visit at Knit This, Purl That and received a free knitting pattern created by the store's owner, Sandy, called Sandy's Rasta Cowl. I look forward to knitting the cowl!! It'll be fun to see how it turns out.

Below is a picture of the skein of yarn that I purchased from Knit This, Purl That:

Sara was the friendly staff member on hand that helped me during my visit at Knit This, Purl That. She answered questions I had for her and assisted me during checkout. I'm looking forward to visiting Knit This, Purl That again in the future.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

FashionKnit Yarn Store in Walnut Creek, California

Yesterday afternoon, I had the wonderful opportunity of visiting a new yarn to me yarn store in Walnut Creek, California called FashionKnit!

I enjoyed the layout of the the FashionKnit's interior, along the wide array of yarn, needles, and notions for sale at their store. I also enjoyed all the swatches and other knitted and/or crocheted items on display to see how a yarn looks when it is made into something.

FashionKnit also offers a wide variety of classes for both knitters and crocheters, which is awesome. And the prices for each of the classes offered are reasonable.

During my visit to FashionKnit, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet the owner, Jeanine Bould. She was very welcoming, friendly, and took the time to answer the few questions I had about knitting. I definitely loved the personal service she provided and know I will return to her store for my knitting needs.

Checkout the following video of Jeanine discussing 'Knitting Is Life'.

Until my next post, happy knitting!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

KnitCrate ~~ Knitting Subscription Based Service

Here's another monthly knitting subscription based service called KnitCrate! KnitCrate offers curated premium knitting packages to suit one's knitting's needs... Everything from the beginning knitter to more advanced knitter.

Here's a bit more information about KnitCrate from their website:
Join to Get Curated Premium Packages! Each Includes* 
1. Premium yarn by a different company each month 
2. Pattern(s) for a surprise project suitable for your subscription level 
3. Enough YUMMY yarn to complete the pattern 
4. A Sweet/Soothing extra to enjoy 
5. A Fun Extra to love 
6. Bonuses like promo codes with exclusive discounts
* Minis does not include a pattern or extras; Knitcrate Dyed-My Way and Knitcrate Newbies SOCKS do not include extras
I haven't subscribed to KnitCrate, but it does sound interesting!! 

Monday, January 4, 2016

YarnBox ~~ Subscription Based Service!!

I recently found another knitting subscription based service called YarnBox!! I haven't used the YarnBox service, but it looks like another fun subscription based resource for knitters who want yarn and other goodies delivered to their home. 

The following is more information about YarnBox from their website: 
When you subscribe to Yarnbox, you are joining a community of others just like you. Every month you will receive wonderful yarns, patterns and more from carefully selected sources. Lots of suppliers want to be included each month but we carefully choose the best for you. Only yarns and patterns we love get included. Just the quality stuff. We work with suppliers that provide us yarns at or below cost. They get free advertising. You get an amazing value...and great yarn too. Yarnbox will be fun to receive, we promise. In fact, if you find Yarnbox absolutely no fun at all then we will give you your money back. That's a promise. So try us out! Order your first Yarnbox below and begin to customize your very own.
There are a variety of subscription boxes to fit your knitting needs so be sure and check out YarnBox's website for more details!!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Post Stitch ~~ Subscription Based Service That Delivers Monthly Knitting Project!!

I've noticed a lot of online subscription based services for knitters in the past couple of months. One that has captured my attention recently is PostStitch!! Here's more information about PostStitch from their website:
PostStitch is a subscription-based service that delivers a monthly knitting project to knitters worldwide. Available in two subscription pattern options - BigStitch (adult women's accessory project) and SockStitch (adult women's sock project) - each subscription is assembled with you in mind and contains a printed pattern from a prominent knitwear designer, premium yarn, project notions, and curated extras to help you knit the project from start to finish. No matter if you have been casting on for years or are picking up a new hobby, PostStitch will introduce you to new fibers and designers, challenge you to learn a new skill, and/or add variety to your current project queue.
I haven't tried the PostStitch subscription based service yet, but am contemplating using their service after I've completed some of my current knitting projects and use up more of my yarn stash!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year to you!! I hope you have a fabulous 2016 filled with much happiness, good health, and plenty of prosperity!!

Have you made any knitting, crocheting, or crafting goals/resolutions for 2016?

My main knitting goals for this are as follows:

1. Improve my knitting skills.
2. Make my very first sweater.
3. Use up more of my current yarn stash before buying more yarn.

Share your crafting goals with me in the comments section below.