Sunday, March 13, 2016

Knitting Dreams & Aspirations... Where Do I Go From Here?

I love knitting... I love touching, feeling, and buying various skeins of yarn in different colors and made from different materials... I love looking for new knitting patterns so that I can create various items out of yarn... I love learning new knitting skills & continuing to improve my knitting skills over time... I love taking knitting classes and socializing with other knitters... I love seeing each completed knitting I've made as I'm still amazed at what I can create from skeins of yarn... I love reading knitting books and watching knitting videos on YouTube... I love knitting gifts for family members and friends... I love how relaxing and calming knitting is... I love how portable knitting is... and so much more!

Knitting has swiftly become one of my favorite hobbies/pastimes in the past two years. Knitting may soon even surpass my love for reading books and blogging about anything and everything book related... This is definitely something I'd never thought I'd hear myself saying (let alone write this in a blog post for the world to read) as I've been an avid reader all my life.

My long term knitting goals and dreams are to continue improving my knitting skills as I'm still very much a newbie knitter... In my opinion, you can never know enough about your own favorite hobby. Knowledge is power, right? 

Eventually, I'd love to make and sell hand knitted items Etsy... Or sell my hand knitted items at local craft fairs... I also think it would be fun to teach others how to knit and/or open my own independent retail yarn store. 

I am open to seeing where my knitting journey takes me in the weeks, months, and years to come. Until my next post, happy knitting to you!!

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