Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Knitting Update ~ Cardigan Sweater Progress Report!!

 A few minutes ago, I finished knitting the first (and largest) panel of the cardigan sweater I'm knitting for myself. This particular piece will be the back side of the cardigan sweater and it measures 20 inches by 23.25 inches. 

Tonight in my knitting class, I will begin knitting the two front pieces for the cardigan sweater.

I am knitting my cardigan sweater using Lion Brand Pattern number L40689 in seed stitch. Visit the Lion Brand Yarns website and type in the pattern number to see what the sweater I am knitting looks like when it is finished... By the way, the pattern I'm using to make my very own cardigan sweater is absolutely FREE to download from Lion Brand Yarns and is a beginning knit pattern.

I really look forward to completing this project as I want to see what the cardigan sweater looks like upon completion... And, of course, I look forward to wearing the cardigan sweater too!

What knitting or crocheting projects are you working on these days??

Until my next post, happy knitting!!

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