Sunday, March 27, 2016

Lion Brand Imagine Finger Crochet Necklace

I Love & Adore Jewelry!! Couple my love of jewelry with my love of yarn crafting and it's a match made in heaven -- For me at least!

Me Wearing the Finger Crochet Necklace
Additionally, I've also been wanting to learn how to finger crochet. So, when I discovered a FREE Finger Crochet Necklace Pattern (Pattern Number L20592) on the Lion Brand Yarn website I couldn't wait to make the pattern!! Just visit Lion Brand's website and type in the pattern number mentioned above to make your own finger crochet necklace.

This finger crochet necklace calls for one skein of Lion Brand's Imagine Yarn to make it. Earlier this month, I purchased four skeins of Lion Brand's Imagine Yarn in different colors. This way, I could make the above pattern in four different colors. I plan to keep one of the finger crochet necklaces for myself and give the remaining three away as gifts.

Necklace Up Close
The Lion Brand Imagine Yarn is a super bulky weight yarn that feels soft to the touch. I thought learning to finger crochet was super easy. I also felt that the Lion Brand Imagine Finger Crochet Necklace was easy to make as it only took me about 10 to 12 minutes to make the necklace from start to finish. 

Because Lion Brand Imagine Finger Crochet Necklace is such an easy item to make, I just may end up buying more skeins of Imagine Yarn to make more Finger Crochet Necklaces.

Until my next post, happy yarn crafting!!

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