Tuesday, March 1, 2016

What Knitting Or Crochet Projects Are You Working On Currently?

I have three knitting projects that I'm currently working on at the moment. Each project is in various states of completion. 

The first project I'm working on is a hat that I've almost completed for my cousin. The hat will match a scarf and knit cuffs I made for her for Christmas last year.

Hat in Progress!

My second project is a cowl neck scarf that I'm making using circular knitting needles. The cowl neck scarf is made in the round using the seed stitch pattern. I love the 100% alpaca yarn I am using to make this project as it is sooooo soft! 

I was almost finished making the cowl neck scarf last weekend, when I made a major mistake while binding off. Maybe the mistake isn't so major after all, I don't know... All I do know is that I don't know how to fix the problem and will need to find someone to help me fix my mistake.

Close up picture of the seed stitch cowl neck scarf!

And lastly, I've started working on my very first sweater. I am making a cardigan with matching scarf. The cardigan and scarf will be knitted in the seed stitch pattern.

This is the back panel of my cardigan sweater. I'm only a third of the way finished.

So, what knitting and/or crochet projects are you working on these days?

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