Saturday, April 2, 2016

What Knitting Or Crochet Projects Are You Working On Currently?

I'm still working on knitting my very first sweater... I'm making a cardigan sweater and I am sooooo looking forward to seeing what the sweater looks like upon completion.

Since the beginning of March, I have made significant progress on making the cardigan sweater that I've been working on since January.

So far, I've finished making the first and largest piece of the sweater, which is the back of the cardigan sweater. I've also started knitting the first of two pieces that make up the front of the cardigan sweater. 

I love the yarn I am using to make the cardigan sweater. I'm using Powdery™ Fashion Yarn By Loops & Threads in blue colorway. I purchased this yarn from Michaels. The color of this yarn looks lovely and feels fabulous to the touch. The seed stitch pattern used to make this sweater looks fantastic. I also like the self striping aspect of the Powdery™ Fashion Yarn By Loops & Threads as well. 

However, I now completely understand why a solid colored yarn (verses self striping yarn) is used for the the cardigan sweater I am making. The sweater itself is made in six different pieces that are eventually sewn together to make the cardigan sweater. When knitting each individual piece, the width and size of each piece will varies. In the picture I posted above, you can see that the size of the back of the cardigan has narrow stripes, while the front piece I am currently working on has wider stripes all due to the different dimensions of each piece. So, goodness knows what the stripe width will look like for the sleeves and scarf. 

I'm going finish knitting my cardigan sweater through to completion to see how it all comes together once finished. I am very curious to see what it will look like upon completion. The sweater will definitely be quirky, but hopefully in an awesome  and beautiful way!!

I am also knitting some smaller items to give as gifts, but my main project at the moment is the cardigan sweater.

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