Thursday, August 25, 2016

Knit Headband Redo

Craft Smart Yarn, Ombre in the Dusk colorway.

Last year, I made my very first knitted headband by following a YouTube video posted by Chandi at Expression Fiber Arts and blogged about my experience making the headband. 

My first attempt at making this beginning pattern didn't turn out very well as the headband turned out too large despite following the directions as specified... So, I tried making the headband once again, but this time modifying the dimensions so the headband would fit me. I am glad I altered the lengths of this headband as it now fits me... The headband is still a bit loose, but I'd rather have it fit looser than be too tight.

Above is a picture of my new headband in a very fun colorway. I used worsted weight yarn I used Craft Smart Yarn, Ombre in the Dusk colorway. I purchased this yarn from Michaels.

Below is the YouTube video I watched to learn how to make the knitted headband. Should you decide to make your own headband using the pattern provided in this video, let me know how it turns out.

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