Monday, August 22, 2016

Knitting Through Grief & Loss

Sad news to report on the home front. My father-in-law lost his 3 year battle with non-hodgkins lymphoma and leukemia on May 31st of this year. Losing my father-in-law was quite a devastating loss for the entire family, especially the last ten days of his life with us as his health took a sudden and unexpected turn for the worse.

My father-in-law was such a kind, loving, compassionate man and it has been really sad not to have him with any longer. He was such a loving husband, father, and grandfather. I am honored to have known my father-in-law.

I'm currently in the process of knitting a prayer shawl to give to my mother-in-law as a gift in my father-in-law's honor. I have found that knitting has helped me during the grieving process over the loss of my father-in-law. Knowing that I am making something beautiful to give to my mother-in-law as a gift also makes me happy as well. 

I know that my father-in-law's passing has been a very difficult time for my mother-in-law. I am hope the prayer shawl and it's meaning will be of comfort for her.

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