Sunday, August 21, 2016

Soft Case to Hold Knitting Needles & Knitting Notions!

At last, I finally found a soft case to hold most of my knitting needles and all of my knitting notions!! 

I readily admit that I had been carrying my knitting needles and knitting notions in two separate ziploc bags the better part of two years. So, I was long over due to find something more suitable to store and carry my knitting supplies. 

It feels wonderful to have all of my knitting needles and knitting notions organized into a single carrying case instead of haphazardly placed inside a couple of ziploc bags.

In addition to finally finding a nice bag to store and carry my knitting needles and all of my knitting notions, I was able to buy the soft case for the wonderful low price of $5!!

Aside from carrying an assortment of both straight and circular knitting needles in different sizes and lengths, here's a list of knitting notions I carry inside my knitting bag:

1. Cable Stitch Holders
2. Locking Stitch Markers
3. Scissors
4. Pen
5. Blunt Needles
6. Ruler
7. Vinyl Tape Measure
8. Assorted Crochet Hooks
9. Lycra Support Gloves
10. Floss Threaders
11. Knitting Pins (For Portuguese Knitting)
12. Susan Bates Knit-Chek - Row & Gauge Checker + Knitting Needle & Crochet Hook Gauge

So, which knitting notions do you keep in your knitting bag?

Until my next post, happy knitting!

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