Friday, September 30, 2016

Painted Zig Zag Scarf

Painted Zig Zag Scarf 
Next month, I plan to begin knitting a really cool looking scarf called the Painted Zig Zag Scarf (Pattern Number 80951C), which is a FREE knitting pattern which you may download from the Lion Brand Website. 

The Painted Zig Zag Scarf will have me working on increasing and decreasing my stitches throughout the pattern to make the lovely zig zag design you see in the picture above!! 

I need to work on learning how to make increases and decreases and become comfortable in using them in a pattern... So, what better way to learn how to increase and decrease stitches than by making an easy scarf pattern?? 

I've already learned how to decrease stitches by knitting two stitches together, but haven't used this stitch very often. I've never tried increasing the number of stitches in a knitting project and wouldn't even know how at this point. So the Painted Zig Zag Scarf will have me learning a new to me knitting called KFB Knit Front & Back. Yippee, to learning and using a new knitting stitch!!

Below is a quick YouTube video tutorial demonstrating how to KFB Knit Front & Back from Studio Knit.

So, how often do you make increases and decreases in your knitting or crocheting projects? 

Until my next post, happy crafting!

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