Sunday, November 13, 2016

I Love To See that Young People Are Into Knitting!

I wanted to learn how to knit off and on for years. I'm not even sure now what prompted my initial interest in learning how to knit or how even how old I was when I first became interested in knitting as a potential hobby. I'd guess that I first became interested in knitting as a teenager and it's been decades since I was a teenager!

I didn't start learning how to knit until I was 44 years old, almost 45 years old... Better late than never. I am so glad that I did take up knitting as a hobby. I am now addicted to knitting and growing my yarn stash. I am having so much fun learning new knitting stitches, making new things, and the wonderfully creative and relaxing process of knitting itself.

Of course, I wish I'd learned how to knit in my teens and be an expert knitter by now. But alas, I am living in the present and am currently making up for lost time now.

As a side note though, it is always fun and kind of exciting to learn that the younger generation is becoming awesome knitters and carrying on the knitting tradition. I read an online article about a high school student who is already an expert knitter! The article is titled Junior Marissa Olin finds passion in knitting by Lexi Flipse from the Mill Valley News. Marissa Olin's knitting is absolutely incredible. Click on the above link to see a couple of the things that Marissa Olin has made through knitting.

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