Thursday, November 10, 2016

I've Become Addicted to Crocheting Ruffle Scarves!!

I have completed crocheting my third ruffle scarf to date. These scarves are fast, fun, and easy to make as quick gifts to give to that special someone in your life.

Because ruffle scarves are so cute and easy to make, I've recently purchased a total of fourteen skeins of sashay yarn. I am busily working on crocheting ruffle scarves to give as Christmas and/or birthday gifts for friends and family this year. 

I've newly discovered that I can crochet two ruffle scarves per skein of sashay yarn, which is a wonderful deal since I've purchased all of my skeins of ruffle yarn on sale!
Red and Silver Ruffle Scarf

The latest ruffle scarf I've made is red in color with metallic silver trim, which will be a perfect colorway to wear during the upcoming holiday season. I am planning to give this particular ruffle scarf to my paternal grandmother as one of her gifts for Christmas this year.

For some reason, the ruffle scarf looks more like raspberry red in the photograph I took of it instead of looking true red. I am not sure why that is the case, but at least you have a general idea of what the ruffle scarf looks like now that it is completed.

So, have you knitted or crocheted a ruffle scarf before? How did it turn out? And do you love wearing your ruffle scarf? I definitely know I like wearing my ruffle scarf.

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