Monday, November 7, 2016

What Are You Knitting Or Crocheting These Days?

I am knitting a new to me project for my mom for Christmas this year. I am knitting my mom Red Heart's Cozy Shrug, which is an easy knitting pattern with Red Heart Grande Yarn in the Apricot colorway.

Red Heart's Cozy Shrug call for US Size 15 circular, 29-inch knitting needles. One uses the knitting needles as straight needles to make the garter stitch before beginning to knit the rib stitch in the round. I can't wait to see how the finished project turns out. I have 2.5 balls of Red Heart Grande Yarn left to use. So, I'm halfway finished with this project now and am working on the ribbing.

My only major complaint is that I am finding my right arm, right wrist, right hand and fingers turn sore and achy very quickly from working with such large knitting needles and heavy weight yarn. I have to take frequent breaks and also take a couple of days off from knitting when working on this project.

I also think the 29-inch circular knitting needles called for in this pattern are too short in length to accommodate all the stitches for this project while working in the round. I would go for a longer length in the future should I decide to make this pattern again in the future for myself or others.

Here's What My Cozy Shrug Looks Like So Far!!

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