Monday, December 19, 2016

Traveling For the Holidays?? Here Are Some Stress-Free Travel Tips for Knitters and Crocheters!

I discovered an informative post on Lion Brand's blog titled Stress-Free Travel Tips for Knitters and Crocheters by Liz Eckert. In the article, Liz Eckert writes the following:
With the holidays looming ever closer, many of us are planning to travel. That can lead to tons of stress. You probably want to take a knitting or crochet project along with you so that you can unwind a little. Of course, the logistics of doing that can be even more nerve-wracking! But we have some tips for you, whether you're traveling by air or land.
There are several wonderful tips offered that make this article well worth the read. So click on the top link to read the entire article.

Happy holidays and safe travels to you and your family this holiday season.

Until my next post, happy crafting!

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