Saturday, December 31, 2016

What Knitting or Crochet Patterns Have You Enjoyed Making In 2016?

This year, I've enjoyed making the following three patterns:

1. Sandy's Rasta Cowl ~ I picked this easy knit pattern up for free at a local yarn store when I purchased the yarn from their store. It's easy to make and with circular knitting needles.

2. Adventure Circle #Scarfie ~ I've knitted eight of these cowl scarves (maybe more of them) this year. They are easy and quick to make for yourself and to give as gifts to give others.

3. Ruffle Scarf ~ I've crocheted eight ruffle scarves using sashay yarn. Again these are cute scarves that are easy and quick to make for oneself or others.

So, which knitting or crochet patterns have you enjoyed making this year?

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