Sunday, February 19, 2017

UFOs or Unfinished Objects Begging to Be Finished!

This month, I've once again started knitting on the cardigan sweater I began making last year. The cardigan sweater is made by knitting six separate pieces and then sewing them together to make the final product.

Unfortunately, I lost momentum while knitting the cardigan sweater after some minor frustrating blips occurred along the way. I decided to shelve this particular project for other knitting projects to make for myself and others last year. So, after leaving this project on a much needed 'time out', I decided it was time to begin working on it with renewed vigor!

I still need to rework one of two front pieces that comprise the front of the cardigan. Plus, finish knitting the second front piece. I also need to knit the scarf that goes with this cardigan as well... And FINALLY, sew all the pieces together.

It's been an interesting journey knitting this cardigan sweater so far. I decided to go with a self striping yarn and now realize why that may not have been a wise choice on my part as the width of the stripes varies with each separate piece one makes. This is something I didn't think about at the time I began knitting this sweater. 

Also, if one has to cut out knots found in skeins or join a new ball of yarn along the way, it can throw off the striping. This means more work for the knitter in terms of trying to keep the widths of each stripe even throughout each piece. Long story short, it would have been much easier to knit this sweater in a solid color.

Lastly, I am a loose knitter, which means I routinely have to use smaller knitting needles than called for in order to make an item that will fit the dimensions stated in the pattern itself. After making a gauge swatch for the cardigan, I thought I had the correct size of knitting needles to make a cardigan sweater that will fit me. Unfortunately, I've noticed that each piece I've knitted for the cardigan sweater is still wider than the dimensions called for in the pattern, which is a bit frustrating as I want the piece to fit. 

At some point, I will need to learn how to make better gauge swatches in the future for a better fit. In the meantime, I am keeping my fingers crossed that this sweater will fit alright after making it!

So, what are you knitting and/or crocheting this month? 

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