Saturday, February 11, 2017

What Have You Been Crocheting And/Or Knitting?

This has been a busy week for me making fun things! I crocheted two ruffle scarves in jewel tone colors earlier this week.

Ruffle Cowls in Jewel Tone Colors

I also knitted another cowl exactly like the one I made last month for my grandma in the same colorway using Loops & Threads Charisma Yarn in the Bright Pop.

Cowl in Bright Pop Colorway
I've also begun working on the cardigan sweater I'd originally started knitting for myself last year and have yet to finish... I'd planned to complete the cardigan sweater last year, but alas I was too busy making other things to complete this particular project. I am hoping that I will finish knitting my cardigan later this year as I look forward to wearing it!

Anyway, I feel pretty blessed to have knitted or crocheted at least 9 different things this year so far.

So what are you knitting or crocheting these days??

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