Friday, April 28, 2017

What Are You Currently Working On?

I'm currently knitting another cowl, which I am making for one of my cousins. 

I'm actually using a new to me knitting pattern, Fred the Cowl, for the first time. I discovered this particular pattern on Ravelry and it's for a beginning knitter. The Fred the Cowl is ALSO downloadable for FREE. 

The Fred the Cowl pattern pattern utilizes the yarn over stitch and the knit two together stitch in the same row to create several eyelets, which is pretty cool looking if you ask me!! Yarn overs are a new to me knitting stitch. I'm so glad that I am trying a new knitting technique and learning new things to help grow my knitting knowledge.

Once I'm done knitting the Fred the Cowl pattern, I'll post a picture. I plan to make one for myself eventually.

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