Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May Yarn Haul 2017

I purchased 12 skeins of yarn during the month of May!! 

Below is a list of my yarn purchases for the month of May:

4 Skeins of Loops & Threads® Chunky™ Yarn in Falling Leaves Colorway
4 skeins of Isaac Mizrahi® CRAFT™ Lexington Yarn in Irving Colorway
4 skeins of Isaac Mizrahi® CRAFT™ Lexington Yarn in Downtown Colorway

Did you buy yarn during May 2017? Share with me in the comment section below, which skeins of yarn you purchased.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Big Herringbone Cowl ~~ Knitting Video Instruction!!

I've been wanting to knit a herringbone scarf or cowl for quite a while now. 

I have finally found a herringbone cowl pattern that looks gorgeous and easy to make. I discovered the Big Herringbone Cowl pattern through the IKNITS YouTube Channel. Thank you Christine for putting this instructional video together. 

I look forward to making the Big Herringbone Cowl in the future.

Drop Stitch Scarf --- Easy Knit Pattern from Red Heart Yarn

Drop Stitch Scarf
I discovered the Drop Stitch Scarf pattern on Red Heart Yarn's website. The Drop Stitch Scarf is a FREE knit pattern to download and rated as an easy knit pattern.

When I first saw the online photograph of the Drop Stitch Scarf on Red Heart's website, I fell in love with the look of it! I simply knew that I had to make one.

The Drop Stitch Scarf calls for the use of  two skeins of Red Heart Grande yarn in the colorway of your choice and size US 19 (15mm) 29-inch circular knitting needles. 

However, I ended up using approximately 2.5 skeins of Patons Cobbles yarn in the Moon Rock colorway to make my version of the Drop Stitch Scarf. I knitted the Drop Stitch Scarf using size 15 40-inch circular knitting needles.

I love how the Drop Stitch Scarf turned out once I finished knitting it. It's very soft and very pretty. I enjoyed using the Patons Cobbles yarn for this project, but think that next time I will use a yarn that doesn't look segmented as the pattern looks unique enough already with the dropped stitches and fringe.

I learned how to drop stitches and add fringe while making the Drop Stitch Scarf. I love learning new knitting techniques and then seeing the end results in a completed project. It makes learning to knit very worthwhile for me. I love being creative and improving on my hobby of knitting.

I am giving the above Drop Stitch Scarf to my cousin's daughter as a gift. 

I am currently making another Drop Stitch Scarf for myself using a different yarn in a variegated colorway. I'm excited to see how it turns out!!

So, what have you been knitting or crocheting these days? Are you learning a new (to you) stitch for the project you are making currently??

Monday, May 29, 2017

Indian Cross Stitch

I was surfing on YouTube looking for interesting knitting videos today, when I stumbled across a new to me knitting stitch tutorial video from the iknitwithcatfur YouTube channel. 

I now am in love with the look of Indian Cross Stitch!! I'd love to use this particular knit stitch to create a sweater, scarf, or other garment. 

The Indian Cross Stitch looks easy to make.

So what do you think of the Indian Cross Stitch??? Do you love it too??

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Red Heart Big Comfy Sweater --- Easy Knitting Pattern!

Oh, boy, I want to make Red Heart's Big Comfy Sweater!! I downloaded the FREE pattern sometime ago. 

I recently discovered that Marly Bird (Spokesperson for Red Heart, and crochet and knitwear designer) has a 49 minute video on YouTube on how to make this easy knit sweater pattern from Red Heart Yarns.

I've ordered my supplies and look forward to making this sweater down the road.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Finger Knit An Easy Butterfly!!

I have a lot of leftover worsted weight yarn from previous projects that I have been trying to decide what to do with... So when I found an easy finger knit video on how to make a butterfly on YouTube, I knew this would be just the right project for me to make use of my leftover yarn.

What do you do with leftover yarn from projects?

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Easy Lace Top With Video Tutorial!!

I was surfing on YouTube the past couple of days trying to find some other cool and easy knitting projects to make. 

I came across a YouTube Channel called IKNITS and watched 2-3 of the videos made by the host, Christine. 

After watching Christine's video tutorial (above) on how to knit an easy lace top tutorial, I now want to make one for myself. I have yarn that I've stashed aside with no project in mind for the yarn. So, tah dah, I now have the perfect project for my yarn stash, yippee!!

Now, all I need is to find the time to make the easy lace top as I currently have four projects on knitting needles.

P. S. After watching the above video and then printing and reading the directions on how to make the easy lace top, I've noticed some discrepancies. 

For instance, the written directions say to cast on 98 stitches, but Christine says to cast on 99 stitches. Also, when it comes to making the solid mesh stitch, the directions states there are 6 rows and Christine's video mentions 8 rows. I do not recall if there are other discrepancies in the video that don't match up with the written directions for the easy lace top. So, make sure you read and follow the written directions. 

I'm personally going to use the above video as a guide to knitting stitches I do not know how to make.

How To Add Fringe to A Scarf!!

Believe it or not, I have never added fringe to anything I've knitted!! I am currently knitting two scarves that call for fringe to be added. 

I discovered a video on YouTube from The Crochet Crowd on how to make and add fringe to a scarf. The above video is short and makes adding fringe to a scarf look so easy! 

I look forward to seeing fringe on my completed scarves!

Until my next post, happy crafting!

Friday, May 19, 2017

I've Knitted My 2nd Fred The Cowl Scarf!!

Me wearing the Fred the Cowl
I've finished knitting another Fred The Cowl scarf for my cousin's daughter. It turned out really nicely.

This time I used Deborah Norville by Premier Yarns Serenity Chunky Yarn in the Puppy Dog Tails colorway and is a bulky (5) weight yarn. 

The Puppy Dog Tails colorway ends up looking like a tie dye experiment with light blue and light purple colors with a white background once the yarn used to make something.

The Puppy Dog Tails is a colorway I normally wouldn't gravitate towards, but I found myself really surprised at how much I really enjoyed the colors once I had completed the project. I just hope my cousin's daughter loves the cowl too as she likes purples and blues.
Close Up Look of the Fred The Cowl
So, what have you been knitting or crocheting lately?

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

How Did You Start Knitting and/or Crocheting?

I'd wanted to learn how to knit since I was in junior high/middle school or maybe even longer (???), but no one in my family knew how to knit ... Nor did any of our close family friends know how to knit. We didn't live near a yarn store, so knitting classes were not readily available to me as a youngster. So, long story short, I never learned how to knit in my younger years.

I sort of forgot about wanting to learn how to knit once I headed off to college. And it wasn't until 2014 that I decided to finally learn how to knit at the age of 44 years old!! I started learning how to knit at Roxanne's in Carpinteria, California. I had an awesome experience learning the basics of knitting before moving to Northern California a few months later. 

Since moving to Northern California, I've continued taking knitting classes, reading knitting books, and watching knitting how to videos on YouTube to improve my knitting skills.

I never quite expected to fall ABSOLUTELY in LOVE with knitting and yarn in general!! I thought I'd learn the basics of knitting, make a few things (like hats and scarves) and then move on to another hobby. But I'm still going strong with knitting... I love learning new stitches and improving my knitting skills. In fact, I've learned four new (to me) things in the past month, including how to make eyelets with yarn overs and knitting two stitches together! 

I still consider myself to be an advance beginner knitter. 

So, who taught you to knit? Was it a family member or a friend? Or did you learn to knit by taking a class. How old were you when you started knitting?

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Easy Finger Crochet Scarf

This finger crochet scarf sounds fun and easy to make... I look forward to make one for myself and/or others!

What Are You Making These Days?

I'm currently knitting my second Fred The Cowl Scarf and am just over halfway done knitting it. I'm once again making this cowl as a gift to give to another cousin. This time though I'm using 
Deborah Norville by Premier Yarns Serenity Chunky Yarn, which is a bulky yarn in the Puppy Dog Tails Colorway.

I am looking forward to seeing how this version of the Fred The Cowl turns out once completed! So far I love what I see... the cowl looks like blue, white, and purple tie dye.

So, what are you making these days?

Monday, May 1, 2017

Fred The Cowl!

Last week, I began knitting a new to me beginning knit pattern called Fred The Cowl, which I discovered on Ravelry. I was able to download this pattern for FREE and it incorporates the yarn over stitch and the knit two together stitch to make eyelets. 

I finished knitting the Fred The Cowl Pattern yesterday morning. It turned out lovelier than expected!! It's now one of my favorite patterns as it is easy to knit and looks great once it is finished.

I used roughly a skein and a half of Loops & Threads Cozy Wool yarn from Michaels in the Sandstone colorway to complete my version of the Fred The Cowl pattern. Loops and Threads Cozy Wool is a soft, super bulky yarn weight. I also knitted this cowl using size 11 US, 16-inch circular knitting needles.

Until my next post, happy knitting!