Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Drop Stitch Scarf --- Easy Knit Pattern from Red Heart Yarn

Drop Stitch Scarf
I discovered the Drop Stitch Scarf pattern on Red Heart Yarn's website. The Drop Stitch Scarf is a FREE knit pattern to download and rated as an easy knit pattern.

When I first saw the online photograph of the Drop Stitch Scarf on Red Heart's website, I fell in love with the look of it! I simply knew that I had to make one.

The Drop Stitch Scarf calls for the use of  two skeins of Red Heart Grande yarn in the colorway of your choice and size US 19 (15mm) 29-inch circular knitting needles. 

However, I ended up using approximately 2.5 skeins of Patons Cobbles yarn in the Moon Rock colorway to make my version of the Drop Stitch Scarf. I knitted the Drop Stitch Scarf using size 15 40-inch circular knitting needles.

I love how the Drop Stitch Scarf turned out once I finished knitting it. It's very soft and very pretty. I enjoyed using the Patons Cobbles yarn for this project, but think that next time I will use a yarn that doesn't look segmented as the pattern looks unique enough already with the dropped stitches and fringe.

I learned how to drop stitches and add fringe while making the Drop Stitch Scarf. I love learning new knitting techniques and then seeing the end results in a completed project. It makes learning to knit very worthwhile for me. I love being creative and improving on my hobby of knitting.

I am giving the above Drop Stitch Scarf to my cousin's daughter as a gift. 

I am currently making another Drop Stitch Scarf for myself using a different yarn in a variegated colorway. I'm excited to see how it turns out!!

So, what have you been knitting or crocheting these days? Are you learning a new (to you) stitch for the project you are making currently??

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