Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Easy Lace Top With Video Tutorial!!

I was surfing on YouTube the past couple of days trying to find some other cool and easy knitting projects to make. 

I came across a YouTube Channel called IKNITS and watched 2-3 of the videos made by the host, Christine. 

After watching Christine's video tutorial (above) on how to knit an easy lace top tutorial, I now want to make one for myself. I have yarn that I've stashed aside with no project in mind for the yarn. So, tah dah, I now have the perfect project for my yarn stash, yippee!!

Now, all I need is to find the time to make the easy lace top as I currently have four projects on knitting needles.

P. S. After watching the above video and then printing and reading the directions on how to make the easy lace top, I've noticed some discrepancies. 

For instance, the written directions say to cast on 98 stitches, but Christine says to cast on 99 stitches. Also, when it comes to making the solid mesh stitch, the directions states there are 6 rows and Christine's video mentions 8 rows. I do not recall if there are other discrepancies in the video that don't match up with the written directions for the easy lace top. So, make sure you read and follow the written directions. 

I'm personally going to use the above video as a guide to knitting stitches I do not know how to make.

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