Tuesday, May 16, 2017

How Did You Start Knitting and/or Crocheting?

I'd wanted to learn how to knit since I was in junior high/middle school or maybe even longer (???), but no one in my family knew how to knit ... Nor did any of our close family friends know how to knit. We didn't live near a yarn store, so knitting classes were not readily available to me as a youngster. So, long story short, I never learned how to knit in my younger years.

I sort of forgot about wanting to learn how to knit once I headed off to college. And it wasn't until 2014 that I decided to finally learn how to knit at the age of 44 years old!! I started learning how to knit at Roxanne's in Carpinteria, California. I had an awesome experience learning the basics of knitting before moving to Northern California a few months later. 

Since moving to Northern California, I've continued taking knitting classes, reading knitting books, and watching knitting how to videos on YouTube to improve my knitting skills.

I never quite expected to fall ABSOLUTELY in LOVE with knitting and yarn in general!! I thought I'd learn the basics of knitting, make a few things (like hats and scarves) and then move on to another hobby. But I'm still going strong with knitting... I love learning new stitches and improving my knitting skills. In fact, I've learned four new (to me) things in the past month, including how to make eyelets with yarn overs and knitting two stitches together! 

I still consider myself to be an advance beginner knitter. 

So, who taught you to knit? Was it a family member or a friend? Or did you learn to knit by taking a class. How old were you when you started knitting?

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