Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Loops & Threads® Charisma™ Charismatic Knit Cowl

Last month, I knitted and gave my mom 'Loops & Threads® Charisma™ Charismatic Knit Cowl' for Mother's Day and she loved!! 

I just realized that I never blogged about Loops & Threads® Charisma™ Charismatic Knit Cowl I made for my mom for Mother's Day until now.

I've made three of the 'Loops & Threads® Charisma™ Charismatic Knit Cowl' earlier this year in another colorway. Click on the above link to download this FREE knit pattern from Micahels.

It took approximately 1.5 skeins of Loops & Threads® Charisma™ yarn in the color of your choice to make the  'Loops & Threads® Charisma™ Charismatic Knit Cowl'. I chose to use Loops & Threads® Charisma™ yarn in the Stormy colorway. I love the light yellow, grey, dark and light green, and black colors found in the Stormy colorway.

The 'Loops & Threads® Charisma™ Charismatic Knit Cowl' is a pretty pattern overall. The 'Loops & Threads® Charisma™ Charismatic Knit Cowl'  is made using circular knitting needles and the pattern is rated an intermediate knit pattern, although I felt it was an easy knit pattern to make. The only minor complaint I have with this pattern is that when changing stitches at the end of a row in the round looks uneven at the seam, which sucks! Otherwise I like this pattern and how it looks.

As far as the Loops & Threads® Charisma™ yarn goes, I feel it has plenty of pros and cons. 

The pros for Loops & Threads® Charisma™ yarn: 

I like the color choices for this yarn as there are several solid and also multi-color skeins to choose from to make various knitting or crochet projects. I also love how soft this yarn feels to the touch. I also find the Loops & Threads® Charisma™ yarn to be reasonably priced and I've seen it on sale frequently on Michaels website, making it an even better deal. I also love that it is a bulky yarn and works up fast.

The cons for Loops & Threads® Charisma™ yarn: 

Sometimes the thickness of this yarn varies throughout a skein. In one of the skeins I used to make this project, the yarn wasn't dyed correctly in a small section, so there was a white streak and also a knot. Additionally, I'd like to add that this yarn isn't of the highest quality, meaning that the yarn can become fuzzy, separate, or pill easily, especially if overworked. 

Until my next post, happy knitting and/or crocheting to you!

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