Saturday, August 26, 2017

My First Finger Crochet Scarf

I finger crocheted my very first major project! I made a scarf using Loops & Threads Chunky yarn in the Falling Leaves colorway. I like the feel of the Loops & Threads Chunky Yarn as it feels really soft to the touch and the Falling Leaves colorway will be the perfect color to wear this upcoming fall season.

The only problem is the scarf turned out way TOO LARGE using the amount of chains called for in this project. Plus, my completed scarf has uneven stitches as I found it difficult to get the right tension while finger crocheting this project.

Otherwise my scarf looks and feels fabulous. I will not be deterred in making more crochet projects in the future.

I made my scarf by following the YouTube Video below:

What have you made this month?

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