Thursday, June 14, 2018

Do You Craft With Lion Brand Yarn? Here's How to Have Your Images Featured!

I knit with Lion Brand Yarn quite frequently. I recently came across an article on Lion Brand Notebook titled, Here's How Your Image Could Be Featured! In the article, it says the following:
If you’re crafting with Lion Brand Yarn, we want to know. And if you’re sharing your projects on social media, we want to see! In addition to hashtagging #LionBrand when you post on Instagram or Twitter, another great way to get your image featured is to add it to our Community Gallery.
The article goes on to share how to join Lion Brand's community gallery. Plus, information is given on how to maximize your images and how Lion Brand may use images. 

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Dominate With Double Points Knitting Class!

Our local community center use to offer knitting classes, which I loved because the community center is located near my home. Additionally, a series of six knitting classes were inexpensive and I enjoyed learning from the knitting instructor. But sadly, the knitting classes ceased being taught at our community center a year ago, so I've had to find knitting classes being taught elsewhere.

I haven't taken a knitting class in over a year now. I've sorely missed improving my knitting skills and interacting with others in the knitting community. So, I decided to enroll in a knitting class at an independent yarn store (sort of) close to my home. I've wanted to learn how to knit with double point needles, so I was excited to find a class that teaches knitters how to use them called, Dominate with Double Points. 

Cascade Yarn 220 Heathers, Color 9564 Birch Heather

Lucky me, I was the only person enrolled in the 
Dominate with Double Points class, so I had a lot of one on one attention from the instructor. In the class, I learned how to knit with double point needles by using worsted weight yarn and using a pattern for making fingerless mitts written by the instructor. 

I didn't make it very far along in knitting the fingerless mitts in the Dominate with Double Points, but at least I now have the basic gist as how to use double point needles. I'll need to take the time though to master the technique of using double point needles as I felt a bit uncoordinated using them during class. I feel confident that I will be able to use double point needles with ease over time with practice!!

Have you taken any knitting or crochet classes lately? If so, share your experience in the comment section below.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Rhea, the Parrot, Wears Knitted Clothes!

Check out this adorable video of a parrot named, Rhea! She wears handmade knitted items to keep her warm.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

How to Become a Test Knitter

So you want to become a test knitter? Here's an interesting article I came across on Craftsy's website titled, What You Need to Know Before Becoming a Test Knitter by Ashley Little. In the article, Ashley Little wrote the following:
Most designers include test knitting in their design process before a pattern is released. Test knitters knit the project, looking for anything inaccurate or confusing to make sure the final pattern is clear and accurate. They help the designer catch confusing spots or huge mistakes so that the pattern is in great shape for its release into the world.
The test knitting process is different depending on the designer. Some designers simply ask that you give feedback and post a photo of the project. Others may ask you to fill out a brief questionnaire.
Larger companies and designers have the resources to provide yarn and sometimes even payment to test knitters. However, smaller designers are not always able to provide payment and usually ask test knitters to provide their own yarn.
Test knitting is a great way to support your favorite independent designer, plus you’re getting one of their amazing patterns for free! Some designers find other ways to show their appreciation to test knitters, like sending them additional free patterns of their choice.
In the above article, Ashley Little goes on to write about the top tips for being a test knitter. Plus, she shares some suggestions on where to find test knitting opportunities. So, click on the above link to read the entire article.