Saturday, December 1, 2018

Creative Knitting!!

I truly enjoyed watching this YouTube video of EJ Jones knitting! What a talented  and creative knitter.

EJ uses only natural fiber yarn to knit the items he makes. The kicker is that natural fiber yarns can be very costly to purchase. So to circumvent that issue, EJ shops for old sweaters made from natural fibers in good condition at thrift stores. He then takes the sweaters apart and then upcycles the yarn to make new projects. How cool as that? Not sure I could successfully dismantle an old sweater myself, but it may be worth a try to save some money in the long run.

Friday, November 30, 2018

The 8 Hour Lace Shawl - Easy Knit Pattern!

Last year, I discovered a YouTube video on how to knit an easy lace shawl using super bulky yarn. I ended up knitting The 8 Hour Lace Shawl as a Christmas gift for my mom last year and it turned out fabulously. 

So, once again, I decided to make another 8 Hour Lace Shawl this year. This time I made the 8 Hour Lace Shawl using Lion Brand Yarn's Jiffy Thick & Quick yarn for my grandmother for Christmas. I hope she loves it!

Completed Zigzag Scarves!!

Earlier this month I made a post here in my knitting blog about knitting my very first zigzag scarf

Since I've published my zigzag scarf post earlier this month, I've knitted four zigzag scarves in all!! I've made all four zigzag scarves using Lion Brand Yarn's Hometown USA Yarn. Two of the scarves were knitted using Lion Brand Yarn's Hometown USA in the Charlotte Blue colorway and two of the scarves were knitted using Lion Brand Yarn's Hometown USA in the Fort Lauderdale Coral colorway. I'm currently knitting a fifth zigzag scarf using both of the above mentioned Hometown USA colorways.

I will be giving these scarves as holiday gifts!

Yarn Haul November 2018!!

Surprisingly, I only came away with only one knitting related purchase this month, which is amazing in and of itself with all the online deals on Black Friday! 

Craftsy was having some Black Friday deals and a free shipping offer to good to pass up. So, I purchased a knitting kit on sale through Craftsy for a shawl kit, which included one ball of Lion Brand Yarn's Shawl in a Ball in the Lotus Blossom colorway + knitting instructions for the Easy Shaped Shawl by Lisa Barnes.

I'm looking forward to making the Easy Shaped Shawl.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

How to Change Yarn Colors in Knitting!

Here's a quick video tutorial from Studio Knit on how to change yarn color while knitting. Enjoy!

Sunday, November 25, 2018

KB Sock Loom Video Tutorial for Oval His/Her Sock Looms

I purchased the KB His & Her Looms earlier this year through Amazon. 

I've never knitted anything using a loom before, but have wanted to learn how to use a loom to knit socks. There are all kinds of looms in different sizes and shapes, but I liked the style and look of the oval sock looms made by KB.
I'm more of a visual learner, so my next step was to find a YouTube video on how to use the KB His & Her Looms to make socks.

The above video gives step by step instructions on how to make socks using the KB His & Her Looms. 

Lots of new to me techniques to learn and master to make a pair of socks on a sock loom.